Work Successes

At my current position with Distributel Communications, I handle and resolve customer and technical issues related to the Internet, Phone and TV services. When I am finished resolving the issue for the customer I give customers more information related to their issue they were having. Things that they could try to resolve their issue as well as some educational bits of information related to their internet, phone and tv service.

Every day it was necessary to greet the customer warmly and to create the best possible customer experience. I would assess the needs of the customer by engaging and listening to their issue.

Customers have different operating systems on their computers and it can be difficult to remember the settings and features on those OS systems. I know there are online emulators for different operating systems and 3rd party email clients, however, I took it upon myself to install VMWare Workstation. This program is a virtual software that allows you to create virtual machines of different operating systems. I rather like this method as I can go back and look at different settings even though Microsoft doesn’t support some of these platforms anymore. I personally like Windows XP, one of my favorite operating systems. 🙂

Installed Virtual Machines

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I used VMWare to install different OS systems in a Virtual environment and can load those OS systems on demand. The nice thing about my setup is I can switch back and forth from my works VPN and my virtual machine(s) to help with client issues without a break in the call. This helped with customer user endpoint issues. The virtual machines I installed are WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8 & Win10. I use my virtual machines frequently.  I am still working on installing an Apple OS virtual machine to help those customers that have Apple computers, but most likely will end up buying an Apple Air soon. 🙂

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Installed Ubuntu Virtual Server

While at the employ of Distributel Communications in my spare time, I installed a Ubuntu Virtual Home Server using the same VMWare Workstation software. I created a database and users. I also installed WordPress on this home server and I made it accessible from the outside world. If you click on the picture to the right, this is where I build/test some of my websites. I use this to test plug-ins, build, save and transfer pages live to my real websites.

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Prioritized, Organized and Scheduled field service calls

Working for ESP Canada, calls were dispatched on a daily basis via cell phone text and these calls were closed at the end of each day. During the beginning of phase II of the drive clean program, it was extremely busy. After a couple of years of sales and service of the Emission test equipment, I began noticing calls were all over the map, literally. I approached my manager and asked if instead of traveling from 1 city to another city in the same day if I could plan my calls area to area. Seemed to make sense to him and said, handle however you see is best. So, from this time forward I planned and organized calls by area, from home base travel to 1 city(area), do whatever issues came in, then do follow up sales for other customers in that same area. If a customer needed service in another city, it was planned and done the following morning. Result:

  • This saved same time and money in the long run.
  • Also, my stress level went way down.
  • I began training my customers even more on the E-test machine on things of what to watch out for on simple things that could prevent downtime or even get the machine up and be running to tie them over until I arrived to do the proper repair/maintenance if I wasn’t in the area.
  • I even sent files/pictures on some of the procedures I used to diagnose/repair(within limits) the machine, which in turn indirectly trained the customer even more regarding the machine and its components.
  • This also allowed me to Remove human error(ie tie strapping an internal hose so the customer didn’t pull them off from the outside as machines were locked) to reduce service calls and increase customer service and save the company money. This also helped the customer as downtime was reduced.

Performed Quality Customer Service

In most positions throughout my career, I always tried to give my best customer service possible. When I say most, some of my jobs were not customer oriented. They had repetitive job tasks with only other employee interaction.

Implemented training program

Back in the late 90’s, I did Triathlons. My first ever Triathlon was at the YMCA in Stratford Ontario, but the training I did was at the London YMCA.