Customer Service, what’s that?

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Thank you for calling X company, how can I not help you today? Say what? Did someone say dog? I found it funny when a family member sent this picture to me and since I have 2 Golden Retrievers at home for dogs, I thought this would make a great first post. And being in the customer service sector, I found it even funnier as some situations do really soundΒ off the wall.

On a more serious note:

Customer support can construct or interrupt your reputation

It’s no surprise that as today’s social, mobile customers have grown accustomed to getting what the hell is craved when they crave it, their expectancies have risen accordingly. In reality, in a recent poll, 82% of CEOs reported that patron expectancies of their companies were “somewhat” or “much” higher than they were three years ago. And customers are quick to share negative suffers online. Now the products and services you give are only as good as the services offered you back them with — so it’s important to support customers on every channel from day one.

Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience

Focusing on the customer experience isn’t just the most recent trend — it’s also smart business. It turns out that making every touchpoint great doesn’t only induce clients to love you; it can also increase your gains. Surveys have shown that would pay more for a better patron suffer. You may decide to tier your patron base if some are willing to pay more for premium experiences, including support, early access to features, or other benefits. Either way, your bottom line will benefit.

Support is an integral part of the product experience

The line between products and services is blurring, and customer service has become part of the product itself. It may seem like merely a big technology company thing, but even small and medium-sized businesses are building commodity into their customer knowledge. Some start by integrating theirs into their headers and footers or by adding links to relevant patronage commodities to specific sheets on their website. And numerous app companionships are supplementing a nature for customers to log tickets within their commodity ordeal. In-product patronage is the beckon of the future. An aspect helpdesk answer can help with these ideas and more.



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