Things I enjoy doing


I like to please others and help them feel comfortable. An example, being a host at a dinner party, providing excellent food and entertainment. I like to plan, organize, and schedule tasks with an emphasis on time management. I like conceiving new ideas constantly on how to execute tasks and procedures faster and easier to save time and money. My time management and organizational skills are highlighted on a day to day basis with respect to scheduling and restructuring of people, tasks, and personal errands.


The feeling I get when I can help someone learn something new and see them obtain another level in their learning, growing and personal goals is very gratifying. Teaching allows me to be in control of the information being transferred and is satisfying and gratifying when someone benefits from my teaching. Teaching gives me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I also like to mentor and be a role model for other people.


This gives me a chance to let go of all my inhibitions and express my true self, feelings and true being. I like to move to inspiring music, visualize myself performing moves. It is a physical challenge and allows myself an emotional/physical outlet. I would like to move people emotionally, making them laugh, having fun, smiling and get people to reallyย โ€œfeelโ€ย what Iย โ€œfeel.โ€


I built a laser in my spare time during my college years. I found it interesting, exciting and I learned something new. It has practical aspects or hands-on approach to completing the project. I could not wait until it was finished to see it in operation and observe the end result. I receive a sense of fulfillment when the final project is completed. I thoroughly enjoy high technology and incorporating it into my everyday lifestyle. I use it to design new ways of accomplishing tasks on a day to day basis to make life easier and obtain a high level of personal management.