Work History

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Distributel Communications, Ottawa, Ontario


I currently work remotely for Distributel Communications assisting callers with Sales questions, accounts, and technical support issues with DSL, Cable Internet & IPTV service as well.

Skills: Technical Support, Technical Leadership, Information Technology, customer service/sales.


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Field Service & Sales Representative

Environmental Systems Products(ESP) Canada, Oakville, Ontario


Territory: From Kitchener/Waterloo to Windsor, Ontario. I Provided support to The Ontario Drive Clean Program by servicing and troubleshooting emissions testing equipment. I Instruct unique on-site emissions equipment training for my customer base. I perform Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDA’s) on Ontario Test Unit(s) (O.T.U.) and install these units at Drive Clean Facilities (D.C.F.) following a specific set of guidelines. This is me to the right with the E-test equipment.

Skills: Customer Support, Technical Leadership, Electronics technician, Computer Diagnostics and Repair, customer service/sales.


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Production Team Member

Sterling Trucks, St. Thomas, Ontario


I was a member of a team on the end of the product line. I conducted truck inspections to ensure proper assembly according to client product specifications. I assisted on a production line called ‘turn and sell’ by assembling missing components on trucks by application of general hands tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, socket/ratchet sets and power drills. I performed full functional tests for trucks on a dynamometer. (I.e. engine horsepower test, brake test, cooling fan test) and provided written documentation of any failed results. Trucks were then retested for specific failures that were diagnosed during full functional tests on a dynamometer.

Skills: Team Player, Assembly, repair with attention to detail.


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RF Debug Test Technician/Assembler

Research In Motion, Kitchener, Ontario


I trained new employees on the mechanical assembly/testing of wireless modems and Interactive 2-way pagers. I performed product tests on RIM products by use of communications test sets, oscilloscopes, computer and computer software testing programs. I also applied troubleshooting techniques to debug, test, rework, repair and assembly of wireless radio boards and Interactive 2-way pagers. I assembled sub-components for the Interactive Pager and Wireless Modems. Inspected materials and finished products. Performed testing on wireless modems and pagers. Believe it or not, I’m actually in this picture near the back row in the middle.

Skills: Electronic Technician, Electronic and Mechanical Assembly, Problem Solving.