What Customers have said

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Zazeen TV Customer Feedback:

Dear Sir,
This refers to my conversation with your Mr. Randy yesterday, in connection to our Zazeen set up box. I would like to point out that my son and myself thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him. It was genuinely a great experience. He was extremely cool, very polite and very well spoken. The gentleman went out of his way to try and solve the problem. When customers speak with people like Mr. Randy, they automatically get an excellent impression of Zazeen. This is how it should be and I strongly feel all your representatives should be like him. All things said it was truly a terrific experience speaking with Mr. Randy. We wish him all the very best and hope Zazeen hires more people like him.

Thank you
June 24,15


Last week I had a problem with my internet, which I just recently signed up for with your company. I was well greeted by Randy, who consequently was the person I spoke to when I called to get your service. I currently have both internet and cable with you.

Randy is very knowledgeable, calm and walked my boyfriend, with whom he spoke to after, through all that need to be done to get the internet up and running again. It was a lengthy process, and all of it was conducted in a very professional manner.

Leonor V
March 15,15

I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Randy A for showing me his patience and giving me his support while trying to hook up the Entone box. I can’t say enough about this guy. He stayed on the phone with me for an incredible amount of time and guided me through everything. He was determined to help me even though at times we ran into some setbacks and I felt like giving up. He’s a great guy and truly an asset to Zazeen. Thanks a lot, Randy…I had no chance of doing it without your help. Wish the rating system extended past 5.
Andrew D. Barnes

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Distributel Customer Feedback:


I want to thank Mr. Randy A for the excellent service I received from him. I had an internet problem last Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 19th and 20th 2016. I have called your tech. Support three times spent half an hour to one hour on the phone with each of Distributel’s employees’. My last call to technical support, Randy A was the one who answered my call. From the first minute, he diagnosed my internet problem, he guided me on what to do step by step. He was very clear, very knowledgeable, very professional and very keen to resolve my problem. Within 15 min. he resolved my problem completely.

Randy A deserves high praise for the way he handled my problem, for his excellent quality of service and for his knowledge/experience. He is the best.

Although I am so busy to write to you, it is important for me to let you know about this.

Kind Regards,


He works in the tech support area his name is Randy and he is my hero! I’ve had one hell of a week with problems with my line I was able to get him 4 times when I called through he was super helpful and polite even when I was frustrated. So thank you, Randy, for all the help and getting my collect calls working you have no idea what this means to me.


Feb 23,17

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