Hi, Welcome to my Online E-portfolio Blog.

On this site, you can view my background from the above menu. I have added more information and will continue to add more material related to work and business. If some menu pages are blank, no worries they will be completed shortly. I have included my entire Work Portfolio all the way back to my college days.

I currently work for Distributel Communications supporting Internet/Phone & TV service. Since the employ of this position in 2014, I have enhanced my skills in physical training and implementation, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and website design projects. In that same time, I also have learned web design, server technology, and IT networking. I have built a home server, file server and media server, all accessible from the outside world. I love creating, designing and finding out different ways to market things. Yes, that is me wearing an Arc Reactor. I built this Arc Reactor to put into an ‘Iron Man’ costume for Halloween 2016. I actually won first prize. I love doing this kind of stuff.

Over the years, I have made a Pumpkin Head for a Scarecrow costume. I had the lights inside the eyes and mouth blinking on/off as I was walking through the nightclub. It was really fun. Oh, and the head was actually made from a real pumpkin! Don’t laugh, I actually won second prize! I have also built Lasers, Ghostbuster costume, and FM transmitters. Some next projects will include Home Automation, Arduino light designs, and Raspberry Pie designs!

I pride myself on my organizational skills and my ability to help clients’ bridge the gap between their physical resources and the technology their using. I want to incorporate my background through forming new business, train, teach and help others integrate technology effectively into their lives. If you want help building your website or you have any technical questions, click on ‘Contact Randy‘ above and I’ll be happy to assist you or enter your name and email on the right to FOLLOW ME!