What’s Next For Me?

What’s Next?

Ahahaha, fooled ya! I don’t know what’s next for me, maybe stay here is the cesspool of mediocrity.. lol. But no, I won’t. After working for various companies over the years, I have decided I want to write my own paycheck. I’m not sure what that actually all entails, but I am going to make sure the Online world is in my equation. Someone once said to me, “damn you’re really organized and good with people, you should get into sales.” Well that is true, I would like to be on the other side of the equation, making new contacts, developing new business relationships and working for company that has Vision. But, even this type of sales has it’s limitations. Trading time for money still exists, and yes you have better tax breaks if you work as a consultant for the company, but you still have to be there. Hint hint.. After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, I am now very careful about what career directions I make. I always refer to this simple little diagram before I make any big decisions. But, we all have to make a living right??

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Moving from employee to Entrepreneur: Robert Kiyosaki states 3 Reasons Why Real Change is Hard.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If I decide to work for another company, I will be sure to have open possibilities for me in the online world. I think you can have what ever background, may it be in health, fitness, coaching, management or just a basic employee, you will be cutting yourself short if you don’t include the online world in some way. Your job is to find out what that is and do it. We are not in the industrial age anymore, we are in the information age. These ideas of going to school and getting a job are old ideas. One should be thinking of how you can make your own life and not rely on a company for money and security, but becoming an Entrepreneur.

There is nothing wrong with being a coach, trainer, massage therapist, etc. But, you have to ask yourself, how long could you survive if you removed yourself from the equation of work? Most people would agree, not very long-weeks probably. That’s because according to the above diagram, it still falls on the side of ‘Active’ income. If you still like being a coach, trainer or massage therapist, this is great, but build a system to compliment what you already do. Then you won’t have to work so hard. So for example if you are a coach and you get hurt, but you have a system in place, you will still have another form of income that is generated by your system so you won’t be financially ruined.

Now one system is Network Marketing. I have been approached by many many network marketing companies over the years. There is one phrase that keeps floating around, no matter what company I hear about and that’s pyramid system. But isn’t almost everything a pyramid in life.. We won’t all be a President of a country or even a CEO of a large corporation, but you can be an Entrepreneur and leverage the time of other people and use the technology of the internet. This I think in my opinion levels the playing field. Even Robert Kyiosaki endorses Network Marketing, however do your research. Yes, there are some illegal pyramid systems out there, but it’s your job to research which ever company you decide to get involved in and what fits your core values! For those of you reading this that I have directed you to this website, no matter what job or company I work for, I will be doing some form of an online business. It would be just financial death if you rely on one company or 1 income stream over a course of years. The old mentality of getting good grades and getting a ‘job’ is dead. Take a chance on your own future!

So on that note why not do all 3, at least until you get your business off the ground, then you can eventually let go of the J.O.B. Find a reputable Direct Selling company, do it part time and also start using tools and technology to leverage the power of the internet and market yourself in the online world. Or heck find a system you can walk into that already uses the power of the internet, then eventually “Brand” yourself later.[/text_block]