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What I Learned


How did it change me?


(1974-1989)Growing Up On a Farm


F  You learn a lot about many different things

F  To be health conscious, and give good hospitality for people to enjoy

F  Work hard and play hard (biking, swimming, running and roller-skating)

F  Working with my hands i.e. repair mechanical equipment-tractors, farm implements, cars, carpentry machines,  & electrical/hand tools

F   To drive at a very young age(9 yrs), farm machinery, cars and off road vehicles

F  Basics of plumbing, woodworking and welding (arc & acetylene)


Ø  To live a quality lifestyle in regards to healthy eating (fresh food), exercise, relaxation & fun

Ø  Enjoy great health, endurance and being active

Ø  Excellent food preparation & practices

Ø   It gave me my mechanical & practical aptitude

Ø  My adaptability, hand-eye coordination, versatility


(1987/1988)Owned My own Disc Jockey Business (High School Years)


F  The operation of a business

F  Purchase equipment and operating costs

F  Pleased others by learning what people liked in different types of music

F  To have fun


Ø  To put others first and things for yourself will follow


(1989)Received Scholarship Award From DeVry Institute of Technology


F  To go after what you are really interested in, in my case it was high technology

F  To investigate all the possibilities

F  To listen to people of influence



Ø  To always try no matter how silly something might seem

Ø  To eliminate self doubt



(1991)Completion of a Technical Report during my Attendance at DeVry  “Surround Sound Retrieval System”


F  To research and gather different information regarding the topic of my choice

F  Research ® Design ® Build(action) ® Test Operation ® Results

F  Cost pricing of electronic components for the building of my circuit board

F  Using proper testing techniques to obtain desired results, close to calculated figures


Ø  Always to research topics very thoroughly

Ø  To let my learning lead to practical application rather than to knowledge




(1992)Employment At Coopers & Lybrand


F  First position dealing with clients within a professional organization

F  Learned a lot about computers – hands on environment, above the theory obtained in college

F  To fully use computers comfortably – internal/external operations as well as using application/troubleshooting software


Ø  Proper etiquette within a professional organization

Ø  To be very efficient and comfortable in using computers to make my life easier










What I Learned


How did it change me?


(1994)Employment At MITS Hospitality Systems


F  Excellent skills in customer support

F  To build customer relationships and troubleshooting client problems (communication skills)

F  Follow-up on equipment operation, within the clients professional establishment


Ø  Built confidence in dealing with people

Ø  More efficient time management skills


(1996/1997)Anxiety/Anger Management


F  How much our own emotions can steal the life right out of us, especially anxiety and anger

F  The true value of being assertive and how to control these emotions in situations

F  Being 100% honest, true to yourself and others

F  I learned that everyone has a story to tell, we can learn and grow from every person we come into contact with


Ø  Better communicator and being more aware of my own state

Ø  To be aware of my ow automatic thoughts and how it can ruin moods

Ø  If what you are thinking of doesn’t edify, don’t speak it


(1997)The True Value of Excellent Nutrition


F  I always knew the value of good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, until life presented its personal challenges. It was then I really learned the importance of excellent nutrition and creating “synergy” within the body, and how energy has an affect on everything we do


Ø  In learning more about my emotions, how to adapt and relate to handling situations, I came upon a most powerful concept:


Excellent Nutrition®Creates Synergy Within The Body®Provides Ample Amount of Energy Available®Allows You To Handle Life Experiences Better


Ø  Energy within the body is the most important resource available in life. If you have an abundant amount of energy at hand at any given time, and you learn to master and control this energy, you can accomplish/achieve anything in life your heart desires.