Hello, and welcome to my website. You are here because I or one of my business associates gave you a sample of Calli for you to try. On this webpage, you will find information on Calli, its’ uses, ingredients and what it can do for you. Please start by viewing this background video on Sunrider International.







 Calli Beverage, Sunrider Chinese Herbal Tea

About Tea: When we talk about tea, there are two main kinds sold worldwide, Black Tea and Green Tea. What is the difference you might ask? Although the black and green tea are both made from the same herb, camellia leaf, black tea is fermented, while green tea is not. To the best of my understanding, Calli is considered green tea because the leaves are not fermented. It is also important to remember that the camellia leaf is used as a carrier herb. It is soaked in large vats or strainers in other herbs to negate the caffeine and tannic acid; the timing is important. It can only be soaked for a specific time. Then it is hoisted up into the air to be air-dried for a specific period of time. Again, timing is important.

Calli is made in a way that the herbs are properly treated, put on trays, and the special formula of over 14 different herbs are sprayed onto the carrier leaves. When the herbs have dried sufficiently, they are pressed tight to make sure the herbs are all bonded together.1
The special formula that is sprayed onto the carrier leaves is an “instant” tea, so it is not recommended that you boil the tea bag, or even use boiling water. Good hot water will disperse the special formula instantly into any water. Even sun tea or warm water can be used effectively. To me, it is important not to boil the Calli. Boiling of anything destroys the live enzymes. Just good hot water is best.

The benefits of Calli beverage:




Calli Beverage

Calli is just one of hundreds of products marketed by Sunrider International. Calli is one of his original products and is a beverage in a tea bag. It is steeped like a tea but is actually not a tea, it is a whole food. In 1999 he improved Calli to be twice as strong as it was. This double enhancement means that we now can receive twice the benefits of its antioxidant effect on our body. It also means that we get more for our money. One Calli tea bag can be made in 2 quarts or liters of water if you really want to economize. However, some people still like to use one tea bag to 16 oz. or a pint of water. It just depends on your taste and how strong you like the flavor. Any way you fix it is okay. Calli is a very special beverage developed anciently for the Shao-lin temple priests to help them to concentrate and focus better and to not fall asleep while meditating. We could all benefit from this. I think we could all benefit from having the cobwebs cleaned out of our brain so we can all think well. Calli helps improve the mental powers of our mind.

Camelia leaf, PerriIla leaf extract, Mori bark extract, Alisma root extract, lmperate Root. Caution: People with large amounts of stored drug or toxic deposits, or the severely ill should begin using the tea in very dilute amounts. It can cause strong cleansing reactions in some people.

Important Note: *After Calli has been steeped, it is live whole food and only has a 24 hr shelf life. After this time, it’s dead and is no longer beneficial.*


Calli removes the fluff!

When Calli is consumed with Fortune Delight, it gives us an even stronger benefit of cleaning the pineal gland, which helps us to be more spiritually connected. We are more aware of nature and the beauty of nature and are more attracted to it. The Chinese call this the effect, the cleansing of the third spiritual eye. What a powerful benefit this is! Calli has less caffeine or tannic acid than his original formula. According to Dr. Chen, there was less than one-hundredth of a percent of the caffeine in the original Calli. That is much less than in a cup of chocolate or chocolate candy bar. Many people eat lots of chocolate and never even think of the caffeine they are eating, yet they won’t touch a cup of coffee or tea because of the caffeine. Of course, I don’t endorse drinking coffee or regular tea. In fact, I highly recommend anyone to drink Calli and Fortune Delight to replace regular coffee or tea. Calli and Fortune Delight have such a small amount of caffeine or tannic acid that the body doesn’t recognize it is even there. People that are sensitive to these elements are never affected negatively by drinking Calli or Fortune Delight. I have personally known many people who are sensitive to caffeine, yet have no problem with Calli or Fortune Delight.

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